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Encountering Christ in the Context of Christian Community

“The change of heart and work of God is not so hidden at camp, one Jr. Counsellor said “I just spent the best week of my year.” In a diocese with so many small parishes spread out all over with few catholic youths in individual parish it’s hard for these kids to make friends who lift them up in their faith. Camp St. Martin is a safe place where these kids who often don’t have anyone their age to share their faith with can grown in faith and confidence so in time they can be the light that leads others to Christ. It seems far from reality that a simple camp can do much good for the kingdom but I’ve seen how to the Lord works through this camp and its truly amazing and that’s only the work he has chosen to reveal to us, I have no doubt much of His work remains hidden.”

— CSM 2016


It is only through the generous support of our donors that we are able to continue to grow Camp St. Martin. What started out as a single week has grown to being a full month of Camp, due to the generous support of our donors and volunteers. 

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