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Camp St. Martin is held on the property of Camp Artaban near Grimshaw, AB on Cardinal Lake.


Camp St. Martin is held on the property of Camp Artaban on Cardinal Lake, AB. 


Turn WEST Off HWY 35 onto

Township Road 840

(You will likely see our highway greeter at this point.)

Keep on 840 until the end where you will see a sign for camp Artaban and Camp St, Martin, as well our greeters who will instruct you to turn right at the Y and park near the hall building. 



Q: Is this an overnight camp?

A: Yes, all of our camps are overnight.


Q: What are the accommodations?

A: Campers sleep in segregated cabins with other campers and two or more counsellors. The beds are bunks with a mattress.

Q: Are there washrooms in the cabins?

A: No, the running water washrooms are a short walk from the furthest cabin.


Q: What if my child is worried about staying overnight?

A: Many first time campers worry about this, it's perfectly normal.

If your child gets homesick at night, we will call or text to let you know. You can pick up your child and bring them back in the morning before programming starts for the day if you choose, through most homesick campers are fine after talking to a counsellor and fall asleep.


Q: Where do the campers eat?

A: They eat in the camp hall located on the property. We gather in the hall for breakfast, lunch and supper. Snacks are usually had outside at the campfire picnic tables. 


Q: What is a typical meal at camp like?

A: Meals are all homemade by our cook.

Breakfast ranges from bacon and eggs to cereal, fruits and muffins. 

Lunch consists of FRESHLY baked bread, homemade soup and sides such as veggies or salad. 

For Supper, we have chicken pot pie, spaghetti, chilli or other similar dishes and homemade desserts! In short, the food is delicious!


Q: My child has allergies, can you accommodate them?

A: Yes, provided that any dietary needs are listed on the registration. We have experience with lactose and gluten intolerant campers. Please ensure you list if it is a sensitivity or allergy. 

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